Monday, 22 March 2010



"A journey a thousand miles begin with the first step"

Suatu perkara yang dirancang perlu dijalankan.
Suatu perubahan yang hendak dibuat perlu ada permulaan.
Sebuah cita-cita bukan sekadar angan-angan sahaja.

Semua ini memerlukan langkah pertama.

Memang sukar untuk individu untuk melangkah dalam membuat perubahan atau perancangan. Ini disebabkan terdapat rasa kurang selesa atau takut kepada perubahan.

Kurang selesa kerana mungkin perubahan yang dilakukan akan membawa kesan negatif kepada perancangan.
Rasa takut, kerana takut kepada kegagalan yang mungkin berlaku kepada apa yang dirancangkan.
Ada yang mempunyai rasa rendah diri terhadap cita-cita yang hendak dicapai. Takut dicemuh dan takut diketawa.Dan ada juga yang hanya masih mampu berangan-angan kepada apa yang dicita-cita. Tiada usaha untuk bermula walaupun hanya langkah pertama.
Tanpa langkah pertama tidak mungkin perjalanan beribu batu akan bermula. Tanpa langkah pertama tiada kejayaan akan dicapai.
Rasa takut melangkah merupakan penyebab utama mengapa ramai yang tidak mahu mula melangkah...

Stressful Jobs – How Do You Handle It

Stress is normal. Everyone is feeling stressed at some point during work. Sometimes, you cannot avoid stress. Therefore, you need to know how to handle stress when it hits you.
1. Breathe
Correct breathing technique can help you reduce your stress level. Get more oxygen to clear your mind from all the clutters. Get away from your office and get some fresh air when you start to feel the stress.
2. Go With The Flow
You cannot control how your projects go along. However, you can take one step at a time and just go with the flow.
3. Sleep
Not getting enough sleep is going to increase the chances of being stressful. Make sure you get enough rest so that your body feels refreshing.
4. Positivity
You might be having a bad day but that doesn’t mean you have to frown the whole day at work. Try to smile at least once and feel the difference. Otherwise, it is time to hit some jokes on the internet for some laugh.
5. Clean Up Your Office
Having a messy work area is also contributing to stress because you are having trouble finding what you need in a mess. It is time to clean up your work area to combat with stress.

Handling Stressful Interviews Interviews can be scary. You have to learn to recognise...

Are you going through a series of interviews? Do you realise that there are times when you feel stressful during the interviews. Don’t be panic. This might be a test for you. These days, employers are looking for people who can cope with stress in the office. They might do everything they can to make you feel uncomfortable during the interviews to see how well you can cope with the stress.
There are signs to look out for when you are attending interviews.
First of all, the interviewer might let you wait for a long time before joining you in the room. Once the interview has started, you start to feel that those questions are aimed at you so quickly you hardly get to breath in between answering and listening. This is a common tactic to test whether you would be panic. You should watch your tone when you reply the questions to make sure you are not anxious.
Moving on, they will do other things to annoy you such as answering calls or doing something on the computer. They might even pretend to be bored with the interview. At this stage you might be disappointed but you should also realise that this is not a normal interview. You are interviewing for a job and different interviewers would ask different questions and do different things.
At this stage, most of us would be on fire but you should be cool with these signs. Since it is a test, you should remain calm and if possible, keep smiling. The interviewer might try to annoy with more actions such as criticising your experience or even ask unrelated questions.
To combat with these actions, the key is to remain calm and cool. Answer with confidence and you will be safe. There is no point to be rude and walk out of the room. Be nice when others be cruel to you. You can win this battle.


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